If you are a graduate of Section High School, your school is looking for you. They are in the process of forming an alumni association and would love for all graduates to join.

The idea to form an alumni association came about when a group of alumni was thinking of ways to improve the school and community. 

They were looking for ways to enrich the education of the students while benefiting the community and its future. How could the school and community help each other?

In a letter sent to Section High School graduates, it was emphasized that those with a real investment who know, and love Section High School are the biggest assets to the school. They know that the more productive citizens they turn out, the better the community, state and nation will become.

 “Because of our rural location and lack of industry, our funding and job market suffer,” the letter states.  “Many students do not have the resources to participate in field trips and extra activities.  Some do not have the resources to cover every day necessities. It is imperative that the students at Section High School receive the best education possible. They deserve equal opportunities and the chance of becoming exactly who they dream to be.”

There are approximately 560 students walking the halls of Section High School today. These students have dreams and goals for the future just like those who have already graduated. 

All Section High School alumni are encouraged to support the students of today as well as future students by joining the alumni association.

The yearly fee for the alumni association is $20. Any Section High School graduate may  register and pay electronically through the website at www.sectionalumni.com.  They also accept other forms of payment including checks, cash, Venmo, and PayPal.

If you have questions about joining, please contact the alumni association through the website, by email at sectionalumni@gmail.com, or by phone at 256-609-5218. 

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