Alison Maynor

Alison Maynor

As part of the Co-op Program at Scottsboro High School, senior Alison Maynor works at the Scottsboro City Board of Education Central Office.  Alison serves as the afternoon receptionist and says she loves her job. The employees at the Central Office have good things to say about this young lady.

 “The first time I met Alison, it was as if I had known her all my life!” says Kathy Jacobs, technology technician.  “She is like a breath of fresh air at the Board of Education.  She has a smile that will warm your heart.  Alison is a very kind young lady who has big plans for her life.  Education is at the top of her list.  She enjoys sharing her thoughts with you and always listens closely to what you are saying to her.  She’s always willing to help out and with a smile.”

Alison is one of the Top Cats at SHS.  She plans to attend Northeast Alabama Community College as a cosmetology major then transfer to Jacksonville State University to obtain a degree in business.  She is artistic and talented with hair and makeup.  When she has free time, this young lady enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

 “Alison is very helpful, consistently positive, and she is always smiling when greeting those who visit the Central Office,” says Kevin Willoughby, Human Resources Director.  “We enjoy working with her each day.”

Dale Hancock, director of student services, says, “Alison has a great personality, and she is a joy to work with.  She’s always positive and is eager to help.  Working in an office setting is a good opportunity for her.  The skills she is acquiring will benefit her regardless of what profession she chooses.”

During her high school years, Alison has taken some dual enrollment classes.  She says that English is her favorite school subject. 

“I love reading the books and poems that are assigned,” she adds.

Alison has maintained an A and B average throughout high school.  She has been recognized each semester at the STAR (Students and Teachers for Academic Recognition) Program.

Sheila Cornelison, Chief School Finance Officer, says, “Alison has been doing a great job.  She always has a smile on her face and is eager to help us by doing anything that is needed.  She greets our visitors warmly and does her best to answer their questions.  If she can’t answer the questions, she quickly directs them to someone who can assist them.  She is a pleasure to work with.”

 “Alison is very professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with, “says Jan Hullett, payroll clerk.  “She often has to transfer calls or direct people to my office.  I give her my highest recommendation, especially for someone her age with no previous experience in this job.”

Alison is the youngest child of Candy and Tony Maynor.  Her siblings are Chason and Kinsley Maynor.  Her grandparents are Evalene and Billy Precise.  She attends The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Robin Boggs, administrative assistant in the Special Education Department, says, “Alison is a huge asset to our Central Office.  Her sweet personality and beautiful smile make her a perfect receptionist.  She is always eager to lend a helping hand with special projects which is a huge help to all of us.  Alison has become a part of our family here, and we are so blessed to have her.”

“Alison greets everyone with a smile and is always eager to help wherever she is needed,” says Rachel Cook, social worker for Scottsboro City Schools.  “She is very bright and will be successful in her future endeavors. We are blessed she is here.”

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