On Feb. 1, the County Commission distributed 10 Lewis CPR Machines to County Fire Departments. The came out of CARES Act funding the county received and totaled roughly $179,000.

“The Lucas Machines will save lives,” said Danny Rich the County Commissioner who championed the project to purchase the machines during meetings at the end of 2020.

The machines assist fire departments and EMS professionals in performing CPR on patients for extended periods of time. This is especially necessary in Jackson County as travel distance for patients is often lengthy.

“We wanted the Lucas machines to be housed all throughout our county to give all of our people the best chance to survive when needing CPR,” said Rich.

Head of Jackson County Rescue Squad stated during a commission meeting that the machines have already saved the lives of Jackson County residents.

The purchase of the machines was spearheaded by Commissioner Danny Rich. He stated during multiple county commission meetings leading up to the purchase that members of the Jackson County Rescue Squad

“This is what can happen when state and local legislators work together,” stated State Sen. Steve Livingston at the event.

The machines give fire departments the capability to automate the chest compressions needed for CPR.

An individual is strapped to the bed of the machine and the device puts pressure on the chest to perform the compression. The machine can repeat this process for up to 60 minutes per battery charge.

The machines require roughly an hour of training before use, which the majority of departments have already received in preparation for receiving the equipment.

The commission also coordinated this purchase with city departments to ensure that both parts and training were consistent throughout the county. This allows EMT professionals trained by one department to operate a machine anywhere in Jackson County.

The Commission also purchased a machine to be utilized by the Jackson County Jail and another to be kept at the courthouse.

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