Scottsboro Solid Waste Director Stacy Ledwell gave a status update to the Scottsboro City Council Monday night on the progress of the recycling program in the city. He said the program was moving along well, and they are close to resuming the program.

Ledwell said bags for recycled material and four trailers to pick up and transport the bags have been ordered. He hopes the facility will be open in the next couple of weeks. The bags will be taken to this facility to be sorted. Ledwell said there is a buyer lined up to purchase the recycled material, and he met with the buyer last Friday. Right now, they are just waiting on the bags and the trailers to be delivered.

“We’re moving forward and making progress,” said Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton. “We just want to do it better when we start it back.” 

Shelton said the city will utilize three different colored bags when the recycling program restarts. The different colored bags will be for paper, plastic or metal recyclable material. The citizens of Scottsboro will help the city sort the recycling by using the colored bags.

The recycling program will continue to use curbside pickups to gather the recycled material. The program will be phased in and will be implemented on the same day as garbage pickups in the city. Shelton said it would be a whole new process.

“We can’t start out five days a week until we get our feet wet,” said Ledwell.

City Council President Patrick Stewart said he was happy with the progression of the recycling program and said Ledwell was trying to get back running the right way.

Scottsboro’s recycling program has been suspended since Jan. 7.

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