Jacksonville State University named 2,216 students to the President's and Deans' Lists for their outstanding academic performance during the Fall 2019 semester. Honorees included:

Hannah Abbott of Bridgeport, Dean's List 

Andrew Kirk of Bridgeport, President's List 

Cassidy Bryant of Dutton, President's List 

Alyssa Newsom of Dutton, Dean's List 

Zayvier Hambrick of Gurley, Dean's List 

Kristy Finley of Gurley, President's List 

Emily Wall of Gurley, President's List 

Timothy Hixon of Hollywood, Dean's List 

Kelsey Hawkins of Langston, President's List 

Caitlyn Hall of Pisgah, President's List 

Zachary Goff of Pisgah, Dean's List 

Taylor Bradford of Scottsboro, Dean's List 

Donye' Richardson of Scottsboro, Dean's List 

Nicole Wright of Scottsboro, Dean's List 

Graceland Coffey of Scottsboro, Dean's List 

Tyler Ingram of Scottsboro, President's List 

Kody Gross of Scottsboro, President's List 

Casey Newman of Scottsboro, President's List 

James Johnson of Scottsboro, Dean's List 

Elizabeth Rains of Scottsboro, President's List 

Pendley Thurmond of Scottsboro, President's List 

Nancy Gonzalez of Scottsboro, President's List 

Emma McBride of Scottsboro, Dean's List 

Pacey Carson of Section, President's List 

Harley Carson of Section, President's List 

Jordan Prather of Section, Dean's List 

Darien Hilley of Section, Dean's List 

Caroline Blackmon of Stevenson, President's List 

Deanna Smelley of Stevenson, President's List 

Taylor Selby of Stevenson, President's List 

Heather Grider of Stevenson, President's List 

Lindsay Summers of Stevenson, President's List 

Rahley Hessey of Stevenson, President's List 

Zoey Erby of Woodville, President's List 

Taryn Hancock of Woodville, President's List 

Kaitlyn Kleismit of Woodville, President's List 

Tanner Atchley of Bryant, Dean's List 

Jacob Atchley of Bryant, Dean's List 

Jeremy Beasley of Bryant, President's List 

Savannah Mason of Flat Rock, Dean's List 

Daisha Wilks of Flat Rock, Dean's List 

Devin Dobbins of Flat Rock, President's List 

Emma Hulsey of Henagar, President's List 

Lindsay Higdon of Henagar, President's List 

Madeline Mason of Henagar, Dean's List 

Deanna Meadows of Henagar, Dean's List 

Jennifer Sweeting of Henagar, President's List 

Allesondra Hall of Higdon, Dean's List 

To be named to the President's List, a student must earn a perfect 4.0 GPA while attending full-time. Students earning a GPA of 3.5-3.99 while attending full-time are named to the Deans' List of their respective schools.

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