Several new clubs have been organized at Collins Intermediate School due to students approaching their principal with their ideas.  Principal Jason Hass is proud of these students and their leadership abilities as well as the examples they set for the other students.

You hear a lot of talk these days about all the bad things and negativity in the world.  Collins sixth grade student Sophia Taylor wants to change this.  She came up with the concept for a Kindness Club which now meets each third Thursday before school.

 “The world is getting so negative,” said Sophia.  “I thought a Kindness Club would be a good idea.”  Her principal agreed with her.  Fourth grade teacher Lana Vance is the faculty sponsor for the club.

There is a kindness board near the school office where students can write shout outs to anyone they see performing an act of kindness.  The cards are placed in a basket on a table under the board.  Students fill out the cards then they are placed on the board.  The board stays full to the delight of Vance and Hass as well as Sophia.

The cards in the basket have a variety of headings so students pick the one appropriate for their shout out.  You Are Awesome, Caught Ya, Caught Being Kind, One Small Act, Thank You, and Spread Kindness are among the headings.  Students write the name of the person they are recognizing, and what the person did.  They do not have to put their name on the card.

Shout outs have been given to students as well as teachers.  Most of the students shout out to other students for showing kindness and helping others.  One card recognized a student for trying to do their best every day, another for being my friend, and one for spreading kindness and being happy even when the student is sad.  Teachers were recognized for being nice, saying kind words, and helping their students with work in their subject area.

Sophia said she wanted to help students who were feeling negative about themselves.  “I have seen a little change in people,” she added.  This young student just wants to change things and help everyone feel better about things.  The Kindness Club is working to do just that!

The Green Team

The Green Team works hard at Collins to get everyone involved in recycling.  This was the idea of Joshua Colquitt, a Collins sixth grader, who wants to protect the environment.

Joshua presented his idea to Hass who loved the idea.  Joshua is the leader of the Green Team and takes his responsibility seriously.

This young man believes recycling is important.  “People don’t want to do that,” he added.

Each Friday Joshua and his Green Team go to the classrooms to collect the recycling.  This includes lots of paper and water bottles.  They take the materials to the big recycling bins where they can be picked up and recycled.

 Newspaper Club

Collins has recently started a Newspaper Club with the goal to publish two newspapers this spring.  This was also initiated by a student.  Sixth grader Sawyer McWilliams actually wrote a letter to Hass to suggest a Newspaper Club.

Sawyer said he got the idea while watching The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.  This is based on the book about a middle school, and they have a newspaper.

In his letter he suggested that the paper could have articles about different things going on at school, a teacher of the week, a comic section, important notifications, information about upcoming events, and maybe some of the things that go on the slideshows in the lunchroom.

Sawyer said he would like to do comics and articles about the band and drama productions.  He participates in the drama productions.

Hass liked Sawyer’s brainstorming, so The Newspaper Club has gotten started.  They had their first meeting this month.  The plan is to meet every Monday after school.

 Tracy Wallingsford is the faculty sponsor for this club.  She has already received some applications from students who want to be writers for the newspaper.

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