The Scottsboro City School Board extended Superintendent Dr. Jay Reyes’s contract at its meeting on March 20.

“I am beyond thrilled to extend the progress we have begun here in Scottsboro,” said Reyes. “We continue to improve academically as demonstrated by our best results ever on the ALSDE State Report Card this past year, our expansion of the Arts throughout the system, and our continued competitive nature throughout our athletic programs.”

Reyes said the school system has been able to make financially sound decisions that has placed them on “very solid footing.”

“Our Board is to be commended for their support and commitment of our vision to provide numerous opportunities for the students within our system while at the same time allowing us to be financially solvent. Their support for me and our people has been a key factor in our success,” said Reyes.

Reyes said one of the most important factors for a successful organization is consistency of leadership. Since his arrival in Sept. 201, there have been over 60 changes at the Superintendent position among the 138 school systems in the state of Alabama.

“By coming back for a second term of commitment to the system, it gives our people the confidence that we will provide that consistency in leadership needed to continue to move in a positive direction for the system,” said Reyes.

“Being here in Scottsboro and Jackson County means a great deal to me. Our family has been committed to this region for over forty years. My father brought us here in the late 70s and he served the community faithfully with TVA for over thirty years. My mother served here in the school system for twenty-five years. My brother has served this community for over twenty years in law enforcement. It has been the privilege of my life to come home and join them in service to this region. It has been such a humbling experience to serve the people in our area,” said Reyes.

Reyes said whatever success the school system has had lies firmly in the people around him.

“I have an outstanding Central Office Staff, quality administrators at each school site, and a dedicated group of teachers, instructional assistants, CNP staff, maintenance and transportation staff, bus drivers, and custodial staff. Furthermore, we really have good students in our community and supportive parents who truly want what is best. We have all the ingredients to take our system to the next level and I look forward to what the coming years hold for us,” said Reyes.

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