Back Porch Pickin

Adam and Susie Stiles opened the upscale consignment shop, Back Porch Pickin’, in May.

Adam and Susie Stiles have always been interested in antiques. That was the main reason the couple opened Back Porch Pickin’ on May 10.

The couple has been in the consignment business for the last several years, and they had several friends tell them they needed to open an antique and consignment store.

They both enjoy going to auctions, and they love antiques. Adam said they could fill Back Porch Pickin’ with just things they bought at auctions. He gave Susie a great deal of credit for the success the store has had in the six months it has been open. She does the decorating, organizing and arranging at the store, while Adam does the building and other maintenance.

Adam has been around antiques his entire life. His mother and grandmother collected antiques. His dad had antiques passed down from his great grandfather. He has always been interested in antique furniture. Susie said she loves antiques because antiques are “real.”

Susie got into the business after she was injured at work a couple of years ago. She went from working five days a week to not working at all. She would go picking just to get out of the house. She picked for other people for a while, and said she ended up with a great deal of antiques and other cool pieces.

Business has been steady at Back Porch Pickin’. The couple had locked up two antique vendors before they even opened the doors. People were knocking on the door wanting to become a vendor while the Stiles were working on the store. Most of their vendors are friends that have an abundance of things and have the same passion to go out and find a good deal. Some of their other vendors just walked up to the store or got the phone number to the store from another vendor.

Adam said they did not have to go out and find vendors. Back Porch Pickin’ was full within the first two weeks it opened its doors. Now they have a waitlist for new vendors. Adam said they are at the point where they are looking for more space.

“We’ve been very blessed with the business we have,” said Stiles.

They both credit their vendors for the success of their business. Susie said vendors have brought in some very rare antiques, and they are the reason the store has been successful.

There is a little bit of everything at Back Porch Pickin’ from new to gently used home décor, antiques, clothing, shoes, accessories, custom furniture and custom paintings.

They have a couple of vendors with jewelry and one local vendor with t-shirts and hats. They have a wide range of different things, but Adam said they are always trying to grow the business.

Back Porch Pickin’ is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Saturday. It is located at 1531 South Broad Street in Scottsboro. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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