The Scottsboro City Council approved a budget amendment at its regular meeting on Monday evening for the Highway Safety Project at intersection of Highway 72 and County Park Road.

The estimated cost for engineering is $116,600. The city’s match is $11,660, while the federal share is $104,940. The estimated cost for construction is $939,920.14. The city’s match for construction costs is $93,992.01, and the federal share is $845,928.13. The total amount the city will pay for the project is $105,652.01 and the total cost for the project is $1,056,520.14.

The council approved the Highway Safety Project on March 25, a month after it voted against the project. The city of Scottsboro was awarded a $1.1 million grant for highway safety improvements at the intersection of County Park Road and Highway 72.

In March 2017, the city hired Volkert Engineering to do a traffic study and look at ways to improve three different intersections in Scottsboro. Those intersections were Broad Street and County Park Road, County Park Road and Scott Street, and County Park road and Highway 72. 

Volkert looked into traffic studies, did in-depth research, and got information from traffic reports from the Scottsboro Police Department. They decided the intersection at County park Road and Highway 72 was the only project they could move forward with

Volkert’s plan included recommendations to make a turn lane farther back to turn into Taco Bell, closing the lower entrance into Taco Bell and widening the upper entrance, and making a right turn lane onto Highway 72.

On the other side, they recommended narrowing the top entrance into the Bruce’s Foodland shopping center into a right turn only, and everyone would exit at the lower part near the car wash.

Volkert also recommended more of a dedicated right turn onto Highway 72. They recommended closing the entrance into the Chevron closest to the traffic light because it is too close to the light under ALDOT regulations.

The recommended widening the other entrance, and there would still be a way to get to the Chevron from County Park Road and Highway 72. They recommended closing all left turns coming toward the light from Walmart for safety improvements. They would go to “controlled U-turns.” The service road by Calvary Baptist Church will also be connected to Highway 72.

The project is expected to be underway in October.

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