The Jackson County Commission held a short work session on Monday afternoon. The commission had three items on the agenda to discuss at the meeting.

The first item of discussion was a temporary employee for the Sanitation Department. Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the department had been picking up a great deal of garbage cans lately, and they needed help picking up the cans and cleaning them so the cans could be put back into service. The temporary employee would be a six-month employee to help the shorthanded department with this project.

The second item of discussion was the County Road 43 Matheny’s Bridge Deck Rehab update. County engineer Jonathan Campbell said the bids for the project had been reviewed, and he had been in contact with the low bidder. He has also had correspondence with ALDOT concerning the project. He said everything is on track and moving as planned.

District 3 Commissioner Melinda Gilbert asked if the Public Works Department would have to do any work on the project. Campbell said the only work they would have to do is traffic control because the entire roadway would be closed for the duration of the project. He said it would be closed at least two weeks, but all the major work would be done by the contractors.

District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk asked Campbell if the detour would be accessible for farm equipment because farming season is in full swing. Campbell said he does not see an issue with farm equipment traveling the detour.

The third item of discussion on the commission’s work session was the Sportsman’s Club. Guffey said the club had a lease on the property in the Lakeside Community in Scottsboro for 99 years. The group used to take care of the property, but they no longer do.

Guffey said the area is grown up and run down. He said the City of Scottsboro asked if the club would sign the property over to the county and if the county would sign it back over to the city. The city would renovate the dock and maintain the area and make it accessible to the public.

The Jackson County Commission’s next meeting is on Monday, July 8.

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