Students at North Jackson High School joined with people across the nation by giving back to their community on Nov. 30, 2021, which is also known as Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 to celebrate giving and charitable acts in response to the commercialization and consumerism in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These high school teens wanted to give back to a community which does so much for them and their school. There were many groups and places on social media that were in need during the holiday season. 

The students were motivated to help where they could which included presents for children, food for the underprivileged, and cookie making baskets for foster children.

Beginning the first week in November the students sent out emails to the staff members at North Jackson High School with information about Giving Tuesday. They were persistent sending out reminders every week.

Mrs. Lambert and her first period class made care packages for the Clearview Cancer Institute.  Ms. Blackwell’s class took cleaning supplies to the Michael Scott Learning Center located in downtown Stevenson.

Mrs. Brown, Mr. Privett, Ms. Lusk and the resource aides teamed up to make cookie baskets for foster families.  Everybody enjoys homemade cookies during the holiday season.

Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Willis, and Mrs. Troutman’s classes took chili supplies and blankets to the Advocacy Center in Scott6sboro.

Ms. Griggs’s class supported the food pantry at North Jackson.

The office aides took baskets to the school nurses who support current and future Chiefs.  They visited the school’s students attend prior to coming to high school.

 “We at North Jackson are a family and families help each other,” said Aubrey Smith, a NJHS junior.  “We learned so much from this experience and hope to make it a tradition.”

The teachers felt it was important for the students to deliver the items they had collected when possible.  During this process many of the students came in before school started in the morning to deliver the items. 

 “We are proud of our students, and what they accomplished,” said teacher Tina Matthews.

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