Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy hopes that the Paving Advisory Committee will be able to meet within the next two months. Upon the request of City Council President Richard Bailey, McCamy updated the council on the committee’s progress.

McCamy said that the committee had not yet met, but a list of potential streets had been compiled and sent to the Water Sewer and Gas Board.

McCamy has said previously that sending the list of potential streets to be paved to the Water, Sewer and Gas Board will allow the city to avoid paving a street that then has to be torn and replaced due to already planned work by the board.

McCamy hopes that the committee will be able to meet within the next two months to finalize the selection of streets and begin the bid process for the work needed.

The council approved updates and repairs to equipment at the City's landfill by adding an additional employee, repairing a dump truck and purchasing a new tarp machine.

The truck repairs are expected to cost $22,000 and include general repairs as well as four new tires for the vehicle.

A new landfill operator was approved to be hired at a cost to the city at up to $55,000. Council member Mike Ashburn noted during the meeting that this includes benefits.

The council approved $6,500 to be spent on a B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament to be held after a currently planned Bassmaster Elite series tournament. The funds will come out of the City's tourism grant.

During the meeting, Bailey also created an advisory committee to begin work to identify priorities for the city's annual health insurance negotiations for city employees. The committee includes McCamy, Ralph Dawe, Mike Ashburn and Human Resource Director Erin Green.

An environmental study and appraisal at the cost of up to $10,000 was approved on a parcel of land adjacent to the Municipal Airport. The property had been previously examined by the airport; however, only recently became available for purchase.

Rudder Williams informed the council of the property's available and stated that he expected the price of the appraisal to only be around $7,500. The city council approved an additional $2,500 to prevent any need for a second budget amendment.

Once appraised, the land will be potentially purchased using a Federal Aviation Administration grant program that would allow for 90% of the purchase price to be reimbursed to the city by the agency.

According to Williams a number of improvements for the airport have been funded through this program.

Dr. Gary Speers, acting in his capacity as a concerned citizen of Scottsboro requested information from the mayor and city council about the status of cleanup of two properties located across from the Scottsboro Depot.

According to McCamy, the project is nearly complete; however, issues with a private property owner slowed the cleanup of a neighboring property. McCamy noted that those issues have been resolved and an agreement had been reached to fill an unsightly hole on the property.

According to McCamy, the City has no current plans to utilize the property which had previously been home to the Scottsboro Wholesale.

Speers has previously spoken at council meetings about this issue.

Vacancies were announced on the Museum Commission. Anyone interested in filling them should contact the City Clerk by Jan. 22.

The Scottsboro City Council will hold their next meeting on Jan. 25 at 6 p.m.

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