Business buys school supplies for 17 students

With a cart full of blinders, paper and Clorox wipes, Alan Cox and others from his team at High Country Toyota in Scottsboro take a video of them stocking up on school supplies that they will give to students in need.

Cox, general manager, said the High Country School Supplies Event aims at helping local children who may not have gotten the supplies they needed, or wanted, to have to go back to school.

“One thing I kept noticing and hearing from people was that school supplies are a pretty big burden on people,” he said.

“When you’re talking about $400 for a family of five at 80-something dollars a pop, that’s a lot of money. Basically, we wanted to try to do our best to help.”

The company took recommendations of which students to help through Facebook, and from there headed to Walmart.

Then, they personally delivered the supplies to the families, even surprising a few.

“I enjoy the school supplies event because you see people that have gone through a tough time, and then when you see their five or six year old daughter or son, you have such an appreciation for the smile on their face,” Cox said. “It’s great to see. Everybody runs through hard times in life and to be able to do anything to help them, I think it’s in all of us. I think those kind of things make the community and everybody better.”

Business Director Melissa Diaz echoed Cox’s sentiment.

“I think the biggest thing was just seeing the faces of the children,” Diaz said. “The really nice thing about this is we’re giving directly to the children and seeing the children’s reactions to it. They just get so excited. That feeling right there just lets you know that they’re going to be grateful for it, and they’re going to use these supplies.”

So far, the project has helped 12 students and it will finish with five more, all from the same family.

Diaz said she would love to help more families, but the company could only provide for 17 students.

She said they were contacted by many more people who needed help.

“It’s pretty amazing that there’s that many people out there with this much need and every day it kind of goes unseen until someone says, ‘Hey, I want to hear your story,” she said.

Cox said he would like to see other companies do the same and continue the school supplies event.

“I would like to challenge every business to sponsor or donate to at least five different kids,” he said. “It’d be great for everybody to get involved.”

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