There are some new people in Jackson County schools this school year.  These not only include teachers and principals, but also lunchroom workers, custodians, bus drivers, and other support personnel who are important to the running of the school system.  The new employees attended an orientation prior to their official first day of work.

Callie White is an instructional technology specialist for all schools in the Jackson County School System.  She will be working with students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.  White is a graduate of Scottsboro High School, Auburn University, and Samford University. 

She enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and her two dogs, Charlie and Henry.  White also loves to travel.

 “It is my job to get students excited about learning and understanding the importance of the material and how it relates to our world,” said White.  “Teachers have to stimulate intellectual curiosity by allowing students to discover things on their own.  If students are given the ability to learn from their own experiences, then they are going to develop thinking skills that will help them to problem solve for the rest of their lives.”

Working with students in the Flat Rock and Rosalie Elementary Schools will be Destiny Freeman.  She is the Indian Education aide.  She is a graduate of North Sand Mountain High School, and Northeast Alabama Community College. 

She is pursuing a degree in education through Athens State University.  Freeman is married to Michael Freeman, and they have three young children.  They are Arabella and Audreana aged six and Jasper who is four.

 “I want to help each child reach their full potential,” stated Freeman.  She enjoys spending time with her family. 

She also likes singing and going to church.

There are two more new employees at Flat Rock Elementary.  Angie Tinker will be working as a teacher aide, and Jessica Elrod is the new custodian.

Hollywood Elementary School welcomes Marisa Moses who is a paraprofessional.  She is a graduate of Pisgah High School and Northeast Alabama Community College.  She is married to Chris Moses, and they have one child, Maddy, three years old.

 “I believe that when students are encouraged to pursue their passions, they have the ability to develop an identity and succeed in life,” said Moses.

Carol Baronowski is a new custodian at Section High School.  Amanda Pylant will be working in the lunchroom at Woodville High School while Jami Cochran will be in the lunchroom at Section High School.  Tanya Dobbins is a bus driver for students attending Dutton Elementary School.

Amy Crump is an instructional paraprofessional at Stevenson.  She is a graduate of Ider High School and Northeast Alabama Community College.  She is married to Kevin Crump, and they have three children.  They are Jordan, 18, Emma, 14, and Eli, 10. 

She enjoys riding horses, photography and crafts.  Crump also likes watching her children play sports and cheer (Emma) for the Thundering Herd of North Sand Mountain High School.

Crump believes that it is important to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all students.   “I want to encourage students to do their best and be successful in the classroom and outside of school,” she added.

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