The Jackson County Commission is about to start going through every section of its budget in an effort to be more transparent with the public.

District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable came up with the idea, and he discussed it at the commission’s work session on Monday. He said it was an attempt to be more open and transparent with Jackson County citizens. Venable said he wanted to start breaking down every part of each department’s budget and explain the revenue streams and expenditures for the departments.

“Folks say we’re not being transparent, but I don’t know how we could be more transparent,” said Venable. “I thought this would be a good way for people to get educated on where their tax dollars go.”

District 1 Commissioner Danny Rich said people will tell him that they do not see where the county has a problem with money. He said that people have no idea the money that goes out.

County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the commission has the capability for Facebook Live videos for people that want to watch. He said they can also do a split screen with the budget so people can actually look at the numbers.

Venable said he would like to start with the breakdown of the budget as soon as possible. District 3 Commissioner Melinda Gilbert said it was a good idea to inform Jackson County citizens of the financial situation in the county. District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk said it was something that should happen because so many people do not realize where the money goes. He said many people do not understand that some of the money can only be used for certain things.

“The public needs to be aware of what’s taking place because it is their money we’re handling,” said Sisk.

Guffey does not know when this will start, but said he wants to show people where money comes in, how much and where it goes out. He said hopefully people will better understand the county’s financial problem.

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