Around 130 students enrolled in grades K-3 in Scottsboro City Schools will have the opportunity to attend a Summer Reading Camp next month.  This will be like a regular school day with buses transporting students and meals being served at school. Many fun activities are being planned so the students will have fun while working on their reading skills.

Caldwell Elementary Assistant Principal Zachary Holt, Collins Intermediate Assistant Principal Paige Holt and Caldwell Reading Coach Kelli Holland are in charge of the 15-day camp. 

Attendance for the camp is by invitation, and those were sent out beginning in early April.  The administrators reached out to students who need extra help in reading. Parents already know if their child has been invited to attend.

The Covid-19 pandemic shut schools down early last year.  Due to this, students throughout the nation missed out on vital instruction and experienced some learning loss. The summer camp will help undo some of that loss and bridge this year into next year.

The Alabama Literacy Act states that all students are required to demonstrate proficiency of grade level reading standards by the end of third grade. Just this week Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey vetoed a bill that would have delayed the implementation of the policy. That means that by the end of the 2021-2022 school year students must be reading on grade level to be promoted from third grade.

Holt explained that students attending the camp will experience one-on-one and small group instruction designed to meet their exact needs. 

“I am excited to see how they will grow,” said Holt.

Each day of the camp the students will have lessons and activities to practice reading, writing, and working with words. While the primary focus will be to strengthen reading skills, enrichment activities will be provided.

Holland explained that they will be have a theme each week designed after the story the students are reading. She is excited to provide some special activities to help make the reading camp fun.

While the enrichment plans for Campers Corner are still in the works, so far Holland has established the weekly themes. The first week will focus on sports. 

Scottsboro High School athletes from each of the sports as well as band and cheerleaders will visit the students.  Elementary students always love seeing these athletes at their school.

Science is the theme for week two.  Visitors that week will include Kids First Pediatrics, an engineer, and a beekeeper.  The next week focuses on brave people in the community.  Firemen, the Boys and Girls Club and the Scottsboro Electric Power Board with their bucket truck will visit that week. The last week is only three days, so plans are still in the works for those days. 

Holt said that the majority of the teachers for the camp are actually Caldwell teachers.  He is proud of the dedication of these teachers. The teachers already know some of the students, and the students will recognize them. Holt hopes the teachers will see great improvement in these students during the camp.

The camp will begin June 7 and run through June 30 meeting Monday through Thursday each week.  Students should arrive at 7:45 each morning and dismissal will be at 2 p.m. Students will be served breakfast and lunch each day. Bus transportation will be provided daily to in-district students just as it is during the normal school year.

Parents who have signed their children up for this camp know that daily attendance is required.  Students are expected to attend each of the 15 days in order to get the full benefit of the camp.

There will be an open house/orientation event at Caldwell Elementary on June 1 and again on June 3.  This will be an opportunity for the parents and their children to meet the teachers and see where they will be receiving their instruction. 

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