The Jackson County Commission and the Jackson County Legislative Delegation partnered to rehabilitate the County Road 118 Bridge over Burkhalter Creek in Jackson County. Commissioners and Sen. Steve Livingston held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the bridge on Wednesday afternoon.

The County Road 118 bridge is located in Flat Rock near the Jackson/DeKalb County line. The current structure was built in 1973 and was forced to be closed in 2018 due to advanced deterioration in the bridge piling.

Jackson County Engineer Jonathan Campbell said county workers removed the bridge’s superstructure and had to rehab the center bent on the bridge. They cut out bad piling, added new piling and added a double encasement. They encased both pilings and added new back walls and new wings.

Campbell said they set a brand-new superstructure, added new guardrails and the approaches to the bridge were paved.  Campbell said county employees did all of the work on the bridge except the guardrails and the paving.

Campbell said county forces worked on the bridge for about a year.

“This is a big deal,” said Campbell. “We had several complaints. We do apologize it took so long. It was an immense amount of work.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey was glad to see the bridge open.

“It was rough on the community while the bridge was closed,” said Guffey. “They had to go all the way back to DeKalb County, causing them to have a much longer trip each way.”

Guffey said the county is hoping to do more of these projects and money permits.

“I think our guys did an amazing job,” said Guffey.

Livingston said he was glad that the delegation was able to participate and help make the bridge safer to travel for citizens.

“It opens up a shorter path for citizens,” said Livingston. It looks good, and it was professionally done.”

Through a combined effort of the Jackson County Commission and the Jackson County Legislative Delegation the project materials were funded by local gasoline tax dollars.  This longstanding local gas tax law was recently revised by the Legislative Delegation to allow for more flexible spending on road and bridge materials and equipment. 

 “We would like to thank our Legislative Delegation and the Jackson County Commission for their support and teamwork on this project.  Jackson County Public Works employees were allowed to perform all of the work with small exception to a few items.  The quality of work and savings was of great benefit to the county and its tax paying citizens” said Campbell.

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