The Scottsboro Board of Education thanked parents and volunteers for their contributions and support of students, teachers and administrators.

“October is traditionally recognized as statewide Parent Engagement month in Alabama,” said Dr. Jose Reyes, superintendent of Scottsboro City Schools. “Parent engagement, now more than ever, is a key factor to student success year-round.”

After recognizing the parents and volunteers, the Board moved into the regular meeting agenda.

A measure to surplus a vehicle which the City schools have used since 1991 was approved. This will be the sixth vehicle that the board has approved for surplus. It is expected that all six vehicles will be available for bid before the Board of Education’s next meeting

A poll vault pit was also added to surplus property. It’s estimated that the pit has been owned by the school system for at least 10 years.

The Board approved a contract with Cuddle Bugs and Company to provide operation and mobility services for special education Students. The school is required to provide these services to assist students who are visually impaired learn how to better move through campus and their community.

The board approved a $4,452 donation to the Scottsboro Bass Cats to assist them in attending the BASS National High School Championship on Kentucky Lake Oct. 22–24.

The board approved the addition of another substitute teacher. Patricia Stewart, Board of Education president, mentioned that a substitute workshop will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 7 from 9 – 11 a.m.

The contract will cover the company’s services for all students who need them in Scottsboro City Schools. It was previously discussed at the Board’s work session on Sept. 17.

Reyes informed the board that a Homecoming parade was planned to take place for the Scottsboro High School Homecoming. The superintendent added that much of the homecoming tradition would be the same as in previous years — with adjustments for social distancing — except for the cancellation of the school’s homecoming dance.

He also noted that parents will be allowed to the Presentation of the Queen and Court.

The board selected Stewart as the school district’s delegate to the AASB 2020 Convention. Dr. Gary Speers, who was recently elected to the board, was selected as the alternate delegate to the convention.

Reyes indicated that there was an issue with teachers clocking in and out. He noted that there will potentially be a form created to address this issue to ensure that no work is needed to properly administer payroll.

The superintendent noted that the comprehensive monitoring for the district has been completed for the year, and he expected the results to be positive. Reyes also thanked the administrators and principals involved with the process.

Reyes informed the board that he had drafted a letter to ask for the school district to be included in the TVA Community Care fund. He stated that he made a request for matching funds for the school’s SRO program.

The board will hold a work session on Oct. 15 at 5p.m. and will hold its next regular meeting Nov. 5 at 5p.m.

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