A Scottsboro Junior High School student was the top speller at this year’s Jackson County Spelling Bee.  Xavier Lassetter took top honors among the 17 competitive spellers.  He will now advance to the Alabama State Spelling Bee later in the spring.

Lassetter said he had competed in the Spelling Bee once before. His winning word was ‘university.’

The runner-up in the Bee was Olivia Parker.  She is a student at Woodville High School.

The other students participating in this year’s competition included: Joshua Varner, Macedonia School; Macy K. McBryar, Hollywood School; Colin Talley, Stevenson Elementary; Jada Wright, Skyline High School; Gage Blevins, Mountainview Christian Academy; Abram Guess, Stevenson Middle School; Kali Kirkpatrick, Bryant Junior High School; Brayden Bell, Dutton Elementary School; Haven Daniel, Bridgeport Elementary; Ayden Wilbanks, Section High School; Jeremiah Bates, Collins Intermediate School; Tacoah Daniel, Rosalie Elementary; Emily Lynn, North Sand Mountain High School; Logan Bowers, Flat Rock School and Joseph Martin, Pisgah High School.

Bill Tally, a local attorney, once again served as the pronouncer.  Judges were Wendy Trott, judicial assistant to Judge John Graham; Shannon Dukes, speech pathologist for Jackson County Schools and Kristy Maples, former Scottsboro teacher.

This Spelling Bee is open to qualifying students in schools in both the Scottsboro City and Jackson County School Systems.  It is organized each year by Beth Mannon of the Jackson County School System, and Jodie McNutt of the Scottsboro City School System.  These ladies make sure that the spellers know all of the rules.

 “You are all great!” Mannon told the students.

The words used in the Bee can be any word found in Webster’s Fourth Edition Dictionary.  Students are free to ask for a word’s definition, origin, other pronunciations, and have it used in a sentence.

This year’s Bee went eight rounds.  Among the words given to the spellers were homicide, supremacy, uncouth, pristine, vanquish, remorseful and seethe to name a few. 

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