Jackson County Engineer Jonathan Campbell announced the county had received a notice to proceed on the County Road 17 project at the commission meeting Monday afternoon.

Campbell said the notice to proceed came after the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) review of the county’s plan and details on the project and concur will all of the preliminary work.

Having ALDOT and FHWA concurrence and the notice to proceed allows the county to start on the beginning of the project. Campbell said first steps will be removing the failed pavement and clearing and grubbing the vegetation within the project limits.

He said utility relocation will be ongoing during the early stages before major excavation can begin.

County Road 17 has been closed since late February 2019, when floods caused a mountain slide that damaged the road. It 17 is the most traveled road of the roads damaged in the February floods.

The geotechnical report done on the road showed more of a sink than a slide. The road has voids present and will require specialty techniques to fill.

Campbell said the length for the project to be completed will mostly depend of on the weather. This is a joint venture with Geostabilization International and Jackson County Forces. 

Their portion alone will take 2 months and they have as much as a 6-week lead time.

They are responsible for soil nail stabilization of the upslope excavation wall and the grouted columns throughout the failure. The rest of the work will be on county workers.

The county will be responsible for all of the excavation, GCS wall construction, load transfer platform construction, road bed construction and additional items such as paving, guardrail, seeding, mulching, etc.

Campbell’s estimate for the length of the project would be seven to 12 months.

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