County Engineer Jonathan Campbell presented the Jackson County Commission with two proposals to repair County Road 17 at the commission’s regular meeting Monday afternoon. The commission settled on a proposal, one that Campbell said would be a long-term fix for the road.

The first proposal Campbell presented to the commission was a pile and lagging wall that would be about 400 feet long. The county would be responsible for leveling the existing road and excavation.

The first proposal was a $325,000 proposal, and about $100,000 would come from county funds. Campbell said he was concerned that the county could spend $325,000 on the first solution and the next four or five inches of rain they could see the road sink again.

Campbell said that the second proposal addressed all of the issues recommended from the geotechnical firm. He said the sub-surface conditions would be dealt with, there would be landslide mitigation and it would handle drainage. He said this proposal is well north of $600,000 and probably double. This means that the county’s portion would also be much higher.

He said it could be anywhere from $400,000 to $600,000 worth of county work. District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk asked if Campbell thought proposal two is more of a long-term solution, and Campbell said that it was. The commission approved the second proposal.

The commission also approved an organizational chart change in the commission office at its meeting on Monday. It accepted the hiring committee’s recommendations for the vacant temporary labor position for the Public Works Department. It also accepted the hiring committee’s recommendation for the vacant HMT 2 position for the Public Works Department.

It entered into executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss the good name and character of an employee in the Public Works Department.

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