The Scottsboro City Council passed a resolution at its regular meeting Monday evening designating Cecil Street as a truck route effective immediately.

Councilman Richard Bailey was the only member of the council to vote against the resolution. Bailey said he did not want to have a “knee jerk reaction” to the truck route situation. He also said he did not want to push all truck traffic onto Cecil Street.

City Attorney Stephen Kennamer said the resolution was a Phase 1. He recommended the council look into a Phase 2 at its next work session. Phase 2 would be an ordinance prohibiting 18 wheelers in certain residential neighborhoods unless they have a permit from the chief of police. Kennamer said the penalty for an offense could be a fine up to $500.

Bailey asked if the resolution would lock in all trucks on Cecil Street, and Kennamer said it would not. Councilman Greg Mashburn asked who would be responsible for letting the trucking companies know about the new truck route. Kennamer recommendation was for the council to ask the mayor to deliver a copy of the resolution to the corporate entities involved in that area and ask the city engineer to notify the appropriate mapping agencies.

Council president Patrick Stewart said this would start the process in getting trucks out of residential areas. He said the city could not levy any fines or write tickets without a designated truck route. He also said the truck drivers’ GPS could not be fixed unless a truck route was designated.

“When the pole was hit on Charlotte and South Street on Friday, I knew we had to do something,” said Stewart. “Hopefully this will keep [trucks] out of residential areas.”

Stewart said another phase would be to name certain streets which 18 wheelers would not be allowed to travel. Some of those streets were Charlotte Avenue, King Street, Garden Drive, South Street, etc.  

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