The Jackson County Commission discussed paving County Road 33 at its work session Monday afternoon.

County Engineer Jonathan Campbell said he was approached by the City of Scottsboro with their intention of paving Snodgrass and Gant Roads. A portion of that stretch of roadway is County Road 33.

It leads in from Highway 72 to Snodgrass Road. Campbell said the city was interested in trading services for a city street they were interested in chip sealing. Campbell proposed the county either participate in the Snodgrass and Gant Roads project and pay its part or not participate at all.

“We’re to that crossroads,” said Campbell. “The city plans to start patching and starting the early stages of the project.”

Campbell said County Road 33 is about seven tenths of a mile, and it is probably in the best condition of the entire project.

District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable said County Road 33 is one of the main thoroughfares to the county Public Works and Sanitation departments.

“We have put a lot of wear and tear on the road,” said Venable.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey thinks the county should participate in the project.

“I think we should help because our trucks travel that road frequently, but at the same time we have a lot of county roads that need to be paved,” said Guffey.

The Scottsboro City Council approved the bid to pave Snodgrass and Gant Roads at a meeting in June.

The bid was awarded to Whitaker Contracting Company out of Guntersville. The project will cost $420,610.86. At the June meeting, Councilman Greg Mashburn asked when Whitaker would be able to start the project. Mayor Robin Shelton said City Engineer Josh Little had spoken with Whitaker and said the project would likely start around the first part of August.

This project had been a point of discussion for a little while in council meetings. Shelton said the city applied for two grants to try and offset the cost of the project, but the city did not receive either grant.

Shelton said the city was already planning on paving the roads. Shelton said he was glad the county was going to participate in the project.

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