The Scottsboro City Council held a short work session Monday evening. It discussed an alcohol license, invoices for the Scottsboro Jackson County Heritage Center project and updated job descriptions.   

The council held a public hearing for an alcohol license for Dolgencorp LLC doing business as Dollar General Store. It is a transfer of the store’s current alcohol license.

The store will be located at 3270 South Broad Street. All of the regulations were met pending the fire inspection. The council will vote on the license at its meeting next week.

The city council discussed KPS invoices for the Scottsboro Jackson County Heritage Center project. The invoices were for $11,053.58 and $34.28. Brenda Ivey said the design work had been completed, and they are pleased with what they have done.

She said they have cut and tried stay within the budget while preserving the integrity of what they started out with. She said they are waiting on KPS for all the mechanical engineering, plumbing and electrical engineering. Ivey said they are short $105 of raising $130,000 for the Heritage Center.

The council also discussed updating the job description for the Events and Marketing Coordinator for the city. Mayor Robin Shelton said it would just add Main Street Director duties to the current job description. The council will vote on the updated job description at its meeting next week.  

A Scottsboro citizen addressed the council Monday evening about ambulance response times. Mike Bray recently moved to Scottsboro from Texas and has lived in the city for a year and a half.

He said he has seen where the Scottsboro Fire Department responds to emergencies quickly, but it takes ambulances longer to respond. He asked what the city could do to fix that and if the city could put ambulances at the fire department substations.

City Attorney Stephen Kennamer told him the ambulance service is handled by the Jackson County Healthcare Authority and not by the city. Kennamer said the ambulance service is grossly underfunded and that has been a problem throughout the county. Kennamer said the city getting proactive with its fire departments saved hundreds of lives. There are only five ambulance stations throughout the county.

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