Section Builders Market

Section mayor Rick Hanback joins the Byrum family in cutting the ribbon on their new business, Section’s Builder’s Market.

On Saturday evening, dozens of people were gathered for the grand opening of Section’s Builder’s Market. The new business works offers customers flooring and cabinets.

“We do all kinds of flooring, whether hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, we’re tile contractors. We do showers, custom showers, custom TileWare. We’re licensed through Alabama Homebuilders so we’re a licensed business. We also rent and flip houses, anything that you’re trying to do to renovate a home, that’s what we do. We do it on a budget that anyone can afford, and we give a lot back to the community,” co-owner Brandon Byrum said.

Byrum has been in construction for over 10 years and wanted to start this business in order to help people build “their dream home.”

“We pride ourselves on making sure people don’t get a bad deal somewhere else and we also use different service partners through this. So, we try to be the avenue to what somebody needs. The reason we started this is to help people get what they’re looking for, especially things they thought maybe they couldn’t afford. Most of the time, when they come to us, they get their dream home, per se, in their budget. They don’t have to go without what they’ve been wanting, we can try to provide that,” Byrum said.

Section’s Builder’s Market also plays the role of provider and installer, allowing customers to go start to finish with one business. They can also just provide the flooring needs and give instructions for customers who may want to do their own flooring.

“We’re hoping this is the first of many in the state of Alabama,” Byrum said.

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