A previous grant and partnership with the Scottsboro City Council allowed Goose Pond Colony to undertake a project during 2020 to increase the capacity of its boat ramp from 2.5 lanes to 8 lanes; however, as that works nears completion, an additional cost has arisen.

The total project has cost roughly $1.2 million split between Goose Pond and Scottsboro, with $500,000 coming from grant.

The large portion of the funding was initially received through various grant awards.

Now, the organization is asking the Scottsboro City Council to split an additional $25,700 — if approved the council would pay approximately $12,850 dollars for the additional construction.

During construction, the organization found that it would potentially save a significant amount of money to slightly modify the plan for construction and utilize a portion of the existing ramp for the expansion while incurring no excess cost.

According to a representative from the organization the plan mostly worked — though it still managed to save a significant amount over a completely new construction — as it now requires slight modifications to the boat ramp's foundation to complete the project.

The new ramp did not completely match up to the original structure, thus requires the additional cost to complete.

The quote for the project is from the contractor that originally did the work on the ramp. The adjustment will see a portion of the ramp being removed and then a new concrete pad will be poured — this section will only affect 2.5 lanes of the entire ramp project.

Finishing the project will increase the city and Goose Pond's ability to acquire new funding sources, as the duration of the project has prevented new grant applications. The project also has a number of conditions attached to closing the grants associated that have not been met.

"Until this one is closed, we cannot get another RTP grant," said Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy during the meeting.

The mayor added that the closing date for these grants is March 1 and that because this project has extended this long, the city will be unable to apply for another similar grant this year.

According to Rick Wheeler, the City's finance director, the City will likely need to pull from excess sales tax to pay for their portion of the boat ramp addition.

City Council President Richard Bailey moved the proposal to the Council's next meeting which will be held on Feb. 22 at 6 p.m. in the Scottsboro City Hall.

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