Some members of the Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa recently had the opportunity to visit the Kindred Hope Rescue and Sanctuary in Skyline.

The members were able to see the equines and tour the facilities to see how Kindred Hope provides a sanctuary for the animals and a healing method to humans.

Kindred Hope provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere where veterans, first responders, and others in the community can visit with the equines as a healing method or stress reliever to lessen the symptoms of PTSD, trauma, and other combat or on-the-job injuries. This is a free service.

Visitors may interact with the horses by grooming or horseback riding. They may also choose to simply spend time with one of the horses.

The people at Kindred Hope assist local law enforcement in equine abuse or neglect by providing boarding when requested. They also work with rehabilitation and fostering the horses during investigation. They do accept donations of unwanted horses, mules, and donkeys into the rescue and sanctuary for possible adoption into suitable forever homes.

If you are thinking about getting a horse but are unsure of what that might involve, Kindred Hope will help educate you. They will explain the proper horse care plus the time and expense involved with owning a horse.

They also offer a free 30 day or more quarantine service for adopted and rescues prior to arriving at their forever homes to ensure these horses are healthy when they arrive at their new home.

Kindred Hope welcomes volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about their services or finding out about ways to volunteer, you may contact them by calling 256-587-3067 or emailing them at

Additional information is available by visiting their website at  If you would like to visit, it is recommended that you call ahead to be sure someone will be at the facility.

The Alpha Delta Kappa members thoroughly enjoined their time at the sanctuary.  Many of them opted to pet the horses which was absolutely a calming experience. 

Alpha Delta Kappa was founded in 1947 to provide opportunities for recognition of commitment to educational excellence, for personal and professional growth, and for collectively channeling their energies toward the good of schools, communities, the teaching profession, and the world.  Members are both retired and active teachers.

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