Recently, CFD Research opened their newest location in Hollywood, the Joel B. Everett Engineering Test Center. The building was named after one of CFD’s former workers. Everett, who passed in 2018, worked at CFD for 10 years and was considered a key member to the Scottsboro research team.

“I was just here with [Director of Test and Development Adam Elliot] during construction and we were talking about the ribbon cutting and I was like ‘I had an idea for the name of the building’ and Adam was like ‘I did too’ and we were just both completely randomly thinking of the exact same thing,” President and CEO Sameer Singhal said. “It’s really the kind of person Everett was, he never met a person who didn’t become his friend, he just had that can-do attitude and that work ethic. I think Adam and I both realized that this building would never exist without him so it was just very natural to name it in his honor.”

CFD is a company that works in research and development in technology, with this specific location specializing in hardware development, working with propulsion technology, hypersonic ground testing and ram air turbines. CFD works with mostly works with the government, with their customers ranging from the Navy, Air Force, Missile Defense Agency to NASA.

“The upcoming work we have for this facility is to advance the ground testing capability for hypersonic missile development. Some of the new projects that we’re working on here are in support of the hypersonic wind tunnel in Tullahoma, Tennessee,” Director of Test and Development Adam Elliot said. “There’s a large hypersonic tunnel that we were fortunate enough to build some parts for that repaired the tunnel and got it back to 100 percent operation and they’re currently performing testing in support of hypersonic missile development.”

While this facility just recently opened, CFD had been working in Jackson County in 14 years, renting space in Goose Pond Colony. This location marks their third location, the other two being in Huntsville, where the company is originally based, and Dayton, Ohio.

“We’re just excited to be here, excited to support growth in Jackson County and looking forward to do great things over the coming decades,” Singhal said.

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