The Scottsboro City Council approved several paving projects for this year. This comes after several weeks of a paving committee meeting and paving being discussed at council meetings.

Scottsboro Mayor Robin Shelton said the city will be required to submit a paving budget every year, and it will have to show how fuel tax dollars are being spent. There are several large paving projects sets to take place this year. Parks Avenue is being paved along with the bridge renovation. Parkes Avenue will be paved from Broad Street to the four way stop. The cost of this project is $123,507.

Garden Drive was recently paved and striped. The city partnered with the Scottsboro City School System to complete this $60,000 project.

The city also approved a two-phase project to pave Gant Road, Snodgrass Road and County Road 33. Shelton said the city is using a two-phase approach just because of the cost of the project. Phase 1 will cost a little over $350,000. Phase 2, which will take place next year, will cost close to $500,000.

Shelton said $80,000 had been budgeted for sidewalks, culverts and drains, but those have not been addressed yet. The total cost of the paving projects taking place this year will cost $796,000.

Councilman Richard Bailey said he would like to see paving brought up sooner next year, so the city can pave during “these good months”.

Council president Patrick Stewart said the city is still open for public opinion on the roads. He said they would welcome suggestions.

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