The Scottsboro City Council held a work session Monday evening where it discussed nine items on its agenda, including budget amendments, repairs to the Bynum softball complex and walking trails and job descriptions for the fire department.

The first two items discussed at the council’s work session were public hearings for alcohol licenses for two local businesses. Lonnie McCaffety applied for a license for Family Dollar Stores. Maritza Cortez also applied for an alcohol license for Toros Cantina and Grill.

The council discussed the July Mountain Tower lease agreement. The city has had a lease agreement with Happy Thompson for 40 years to lease part of a communication tower on the mountain.

The council talked about a resolution to award the annual fuel bid. The council has been reviewing bids and have been trying to reach a consensus on how to move forward. Mayor Robin Shelton said they are looking at a new company and the council has had some questions.

The city council also discussed a resolution to award financing of equipment bid. The city purchased some roll off trucks to pic up garbage trucks for the Street Department. First Jackson Bank bid a 2.85 interest rate. First Southern State Bank bid a 2.75 interest rate. First National Bank bid a 2.74 interest rate. First National Bank will be financing the equipment.

The council discussed 2018-2019 budget amendments. Shelton said the city is sitting in a good position financially with surplus sales tax. He said they will take care of wants and needs if they have surplus money at the end of the fiscal year. The city is going to purchase a mini excavator for the street department for $114,304. It allocated $65,000 for the street department to buy a tractor with a side cutter.

The city is going to purchase new Christmas decorations. It will allocate $20,000 for the new decorations, and the Downtown Redevelopment Authority will contribute $5,000 for the decorations. The city set aside $2,500 for a Scottsboro Police Officer to attend the FBI Academy.

It will spend $6,000 to replace expired ballistic vests for the Scottsboro Police Department. It will also send an additional $4,400 at the airport. It will add security lighting, a taller aluminum pole for the wind sock and the city will purchase one more used golf cart for the airport.

They city council discussed painting fuel tank at the Street Department. The city will spend $2,400 to clean, maintain and paint the fuel tanks.

The council also discussed job descriptions for the Scottsboro Fire Department. Chief Gene Necklaus presented some changing some requirements to be more in line with today’s standards.

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