Student of the Month

Kacie McLaughlin, a senior at Pisgah, is EPCOT Student of the Month.

A young lady who has excelled at cabinet making has been selected as the EPCOT (Earnest Pruett Center of Technology) Student of the Month for March. 

Kacie McLaughin is a senior at Pisgah High School.

McLaughlin has placed second and third in cabinet making at the Alabama Skills USA competition.  There have only been four girls in the last 50 years to place in the top three at this level of competition, and she accomplished this twice.  She is also certified in OSHA, NCCER, and MSSC.

This talented young lady is a member of Skills USA, SOAR, and NTHS (National Technical Honor Society).  McLaughlin also plays on her school’s volleyball team.

McLaughlin says that building construction is her favorite school subject.

“I get to use my math skills every day and make some of what I thought would be the most impossible things to make,” she says.  “I’ve had the best teacher, Mr. Hill, to teach me and encourage me to do better at what I thought I’d never be good at.”

 “Now I’ve made dozens of pieces of furniture, bowls, dog houses, and even sweet potato crates.  I owe it all to this class and him,” McLaughlin adds.

McLaughlin plans to finish an apprenticeship and work full time with a company who will help her strive and keep her busy.

This young lady likes to look for new things to learn to build on her skill and trade.  She is dedicated to becoming the best she can in her chosen field.

McLaughlin has a job at the Lodge on Gorham’s Bluff.  She can also be found in the fields picking corn or in the tomato field.

The daughter of Veronica Lambert and Joseph McLaughlin, McLaughlin has a twin and an older sister.  Her grandparents are Sandra Arnold and Eddy Arnold.  She has four cats and two dogs.

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