Scottsboro City Council discussed a tax incentive for High Country Toyota to expand operations in the City of Scottsboro.

The topic has been a consistent topic of discussion between the city council and representatives from High Country Toyota located in Scottsboro. The tax incentive was requested by the dealership to allow them to continue to expand in Scottsboro.

When asked, Rick Wheeler, the City's finance director, noted that there were specifics with the deal that needed to potentially be modified. These details included the timeline of payment of the subsidy as well as the baseline return for the city

An adjustment to Moody Road was also discussed with representatives of Maples. The modification would see the city vacate a portion of the road to increase the road's safety. The modification would allow Maples to be able to more easily transport goods on the road.

Water Sewer Gas and the Scottsboro Power Board had both been contacted by the company.

A representative of the company stated that Maples was willing to pay the cost of the road work up to $50,000.

It was determined that further progress on the project would require an estimate and to coordinate through ALDOT to determine any extra adjustments that would be required for the road — these may include a turn lane.

The next step in the project is an estimate and survey process to be conducted through the city. Maples agreed to pay for the cost of the work.

Further discussion on the issue is likely to occur at the City Council's Jan. 25 work session.

The council also discussed the progress of the Heritage Center project. Jim Olyniec, who has been working with the council on the project, said that the project is roughly 50% completed.

Olyniec stated that painting on the project has begun. Sheet rock finishing on the project has been completed. However, brick work on the project is experiencing difficulty do to material availability due to COVID-19.

According to Olyniec, the project is still "well under" the $500,000 budget set by the council when the project was approved.

The Alabama College B.A.S.S. Nation Tournament was discussed during the meeting. The tournament would take place in May after the Bassmaster Elite Tournament that has already been scheduled to take place at Goose Pond.

Further discussion was then held on a proposed audit of the City's finances by Councilwomen Nita Tolliver.

Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy informed the council that he had looked into the audit process and found that a municipality can request a forensic audit of their finances from the state, but the timeline may take from 12–24 months.

Tolliver stated that she would return to the council with specifics of her request after she had time to gather new information. The issue was added to the agenda for further discussion on Jan. 25.

The potential for the Scottsboro Municipal Airport to expand it's property size was also discussed during the meeting.

Recently, a parcel of land adjacent to the Southern portion of the airport became available. Rudder Williams informed the council of the plots availability and the potential to use a program through the Federal Aviation Administration that would allow the city to purchase the property and be reimbursed for expenses related to the surveying and appraising the property.

The council is likely to award $10,000 to the airport to pay to have the land appraised during their next meeting on Jan. 11.

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