Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus gave an update at the Scottsboro City Council work session on the status of the brush dump fire on West Willow Street. Necklaus said that they have made significant progress on the fire.

The fire was recognized on April 14, and it continues to burn. Necklaus said the original plan was to increase the burning process on advice from the Alabama Forestry Commission. HE said that plan was not successful overall, but it did present them with other options to combat the fire. Since then, the fire department has been in contact with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM).

He said that ADEM’s recommendation was to put a great deal of water under the ground, and that plan seems to be making progress. The Scottsboro Fire Department has been doing that since May 16. Necklaus said that they have been putting 172 gallons of water under the ground every day.

“We are working on it and we will continue to work on it,” said Necklaus. “We understand that it has been a burden to a lot of people, but we’re doing everything we can to mitigate this as best we can.”

The brush dump is filled with yard debris like sticks, stumps, leaves, grass clippings, etc. Necklaus said that it was not filled with household garbage. After speaking with representatives from the Alabama Forestry Commission and ADEM, Necklaus is fairly certain that spontaneous combustion is the cause of the brush dump fire.

Necklaus said that they are working on long range solutions for brush debris to ensure that this never happens again.

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