The Scottsboro City Council approved an increase to the starting salaries for Scottsboro police and fire departments. The raise will take effect on Oct. 1.

The Council also approved a 2% cost of living increase for City employees which will take effect on Oct. 5.

The issue of starting pay for fire and police came up during recent meetings regarding the City’s upcoming FY21 budget. It was a major point that Ron Latimer addressed during his presentation to the city council in a Sept. 17 meeting.

Latimer said that it was difficult for the department to attract qualified applicants unless starting pay was increased.

This led the council to adjust the pay scale to allow officers to start at a higher entry salary so that the department’s entry pay will be more competitive. These salaries will also be affected by the 2% cost of living increase to city employees’ salaries.

An agreement with White Development Company for the City to extend the sewer main — at a cost of $125,000 — and place a traffic light — at a cost of 225,000 was approved by the council.

This will allow the company to construct a grocery store for a national partner. White Development Company had sent a letter to the City Council saying that without these upgrades, the property and location would not be profitable or feasible for their preferred national grocery partner.

The Council approved $4400 to pay for lighting upgrades at the Scottsboro Municipal Airport. The lighting will increase the safety and security of the facility and improve lighting conditions during late night loading and unloading of aircraft.

Tire changers and an airline system for the Vehicle Maintenance Department were approved. The Tire Changers are expected to cost $14,000 and will allow the department to increase efficiency of changing tires on larger vehicles in the City’s fleet. The airline upgrades are expected to cost $2,500 and will improve safety of the shop.

The City Council approved $10,000 to be paid to the Mountain Lakes Chamber of Commerce to reimburse the chamber for costs associated with a Bass Fishing Tournament.

The purchase of two bush hogs was approved by the city at a total cost of $34,000. The funds will be taken out of the city’s excess sales tax from the year.

The council allocated $58,000 to secure a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament.

The Council approved the fuel bid for 2021. The bid was split between Valley Oil and Jat Oil. The council award Jat Oil the contract for the city’s 93 octane fuel needs, and Valley oil the contract for 87 octane and diesel fuel.

Alcohol licenses were approved for both Scooters Sports Grill and Trotter Liquor Store.

The council approved the appointment of Mary White to the Downtown Redevelopment Board. Charles Garbo and Elena Matthews were reappointed to the Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas Board.

The council reappointed Daryl Eustace to be the Municipal Judge and Payton Edmiston as the assistant municipal judge. Deborah Dunsmore and Patricia Stewart were reappointed to the positions of municipal prosecutors.

The next city council meeting will be a joint work session and meeting on Monday Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. A runoff election for City Council Place 2 between City Council President Patrick Stewart and Nita Tolliver will be held on the day after on Tuesday, Oct 6.

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