The Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) Theatre will perform Puffs on Oct. 28-31 and Nov. 4-7. Performances Thursday through Saturday will be held at 7 p.m. Sunday’s performance will be a matinee at 2 p.m.

Puffs the play is a true underdog story that follows a certain magical boy and his seven increasingly eventful years at a certain school of magic and magic. However, it is not the magical boy you may be thinking about; this story is about another magical boy and his friends.

Throughout their seven years at the school of magic and magic, they must battle through trial and tribulation, all in an effort to place higher than last place in the house cup.

“Third or Nothing!,” is a well-known line the production. However, along the way, Wayne and his friends will discover what it really means to be a “Puff.”

Puffs is a wonderfully designed production built and designed by over 30 people and performed by an extraordinary group of 11 students and community members. The crew consists of more than 20 people working on costumes, set construction, prop making, sound and lighting.

The 11 cast members each play a variety of roles throughout the production, running out a door as one character and right back on stage as another. Puffs is a fast-paced play full of comedy, tragedy, friendship and evil.

For the NACC Theatre Department, Puffs will be the first in-person production since fall of 2019. In a time of uncertainty and distress, the theatre has persevered and carried the community through an entire year of virtual performances.

“We are overjoyed to be able to start back in-person production of our plays,” said NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “Unless COVID trends change, however, we will limit ticket sales and use social distancing for the audience. So, get your tickets early.”

Now the theatre is doing the same with Puffs. “WE ARE PUFFS" is the tagline used throughout design meetings and rehearsals to remind everyone that the theater is not only a place of art and performance, but also a place where everyone of all talents and skills can come together to create a show. The message within Puffs is not about how talented or magical you are; it is about how we, as a group of magical people, can come together to be heroes of our own magical story.

NACC’s Theatre Department, led by Director of Theatre Kayleigh Smith, has used the college’s state-of-the-art technical equipment and talented theatre students, community members, and college staff to bring in-person productions back to the area. Smith spoke on the experience of producing the first in-person show since the beginning of the pandemic, “The past two years at NACC have been increasingly eventful, indeed. Puffs is our first on-campus production since the Fall of 2019. We are so relieved to be back after two years away from the community! While we thoroughly enjoyed our 2020-2021 virtual season, we believe theatre is meant to be experienced live and are so happy to welcome you all back!"

Smith is especially proud of the effort made by all in preparing for this show. “The cast, crew, and creative team of Puffs have worked so hard to bring this show to life! Almost every cast member is taking on multiple roles. They transform from one character to another with ease. A hilariously fast-paced show such as this requires extremely versatile actors with many talents. We believe we have assembled a troupe of performers that will blow you away! Our creative team has had such a blast creating all the design aspects of Puffs. The scenic, prop, and costume designs are so incredibly detailed, that you may want to see this show twice in order to catch everything!

NACC’s Music Department has also been very involved in bringing PUFFS to life. “One of the most exciting parts of this process has been working with Stacy Morris, NACC’s Director of Instrumental Ensembles/Music Instructor, who created all the original music you will hear in the show tonight! His creativity and sense of humor takes Puffs to another level.”

Finally, Smith is grateful for the support given to the NACC Theatre. “We would like to thank the amazing cast and crew for their tireless efforts to bring the magic of theatre to life. They have poured so much time, energy, and love into this show—all while wearing masks! A huge thank you to our biggest supporter and president of Northeast, Dr. David Campbell, as well as the entire NACC family, for their belief in, and support of creating quality live theatre for those we serve. We could not do what we do without your advocacy for the arts.”

Tickets for PUFFS will be available to purchase by phone or in person at the Theatre Box Office located on the 2nd Floor of the Tom Bevill Lyceum. To order tickets by phone with a credit card call: (256) 638-4418 ext. 2218. This production will be held in person with COVID-19 safety protocol in place. Masks will be highly suggested and social distant seating will be observed. Tickets are $8 each.

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