The Scottsboro City Council approved a budget amendment for the Scottsboro Police Chief Ralph Dawe to hire a part-time jailer at the Scottsboro City Jail at its dual session on Monday evening.

Dawe said the last three months; the city jail has housed an average of about 20 inmates. Dawe said there have been some fights and other incidents at the jail, and he wants to hire the part-time jailer to “nip it in the bud.” Dawe said that when cars are on the road, that sometimes leaves one jailer at the jail. He said the additional jailer would ensure that someone else is there during first and second shift when incidents happen.

The council approved the purchase of a new utility vehicle for the Street Department. The one the street department currently has is over 10 years old. Mayor Robin Shelton said the new utility vehicle would help improve the city’s litter efforts. The Street Department got three quotes. The lowest was from Boykin for $14,025.

The council appointed Alan Tolar to the Zoning Adjustment Board. It also approved the surplus of two golf carts at the Scottsboro Municipal Airport. The council approved a bid for the reconstruction of Lequire Drive.

City Financial Director Rick Wheeler discussed a procurement policy and procedure. He said that auditors have pointed out that the city needs some kind of procurement policy.

Wheeler presented a policy to the council and said it shows how the city should do purchasing in a more in-depth manner. The council will discuss this issue again at its Feb. 3 work session.

The council also discussed setting aside money for upcoming equipment auctions. There are two upcoming auctions, and Shelton said he wanted to discuss the issue beforehand. He said they were successful in buying dump trucks last year off of GovDeals. There is an auction on March 17 through March 21, and ALDOT has one on April 30 and May 1.

The city set aside $50,000 last year. The Street Department needs a mini track hoe and the Solid Waste Department needs a new dozer. The council will discuss the issue again at its Feb. 3 work session.

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