Tolar Construction has been making their footprint on Jackson County for 25 years. With little to nothing when it started, Ken Tolar stepped out to do something different. The northeast Alabama community has greatly benefitted from his work and commitment to this area.

During the first 10 years of Tolar Construction, 90 percent of the projects were local schools. Over the past 25 years, there have been dozens of schools that have been built or renovated, such as Stevenson Middle School, Collins Intermediate School, Nelson Elementary School, Bridgeport Middle School, Woodville, Hollywood Elementary School, Pisgah gym, and many others in various communities across northeast Alabama.

Their commercial work consists of more than twenty banks and credit unions including First Jackson Bank in Stevenson and Family Savings Credit Union in Scottsboro. Tolar Construction has also built the Marshall County Health Department, Skyline Family Medical Clinic, Scottsboro OBGYN, Taylor Street Medical Clinic, Broad Street Medical Clinic, and Highlands Surgery Clinic.

Tolar Construction tries to focus their projects on Jackson, DeKalb and Marshall counties. Ken Tolar loves this community and its people and says he, “can’t imagine doing this anywhere else.” Major employers such as Sanoh, CFD Research, Yamaha Motor Corporation, WestRock/Smurfit Stone Paper Mill also have Tolar Construction’s stamp.

From where our children attend school, and the offices and municipal buildings we visit, plus major employers, Tolar Construction’s impact can be seen across northeast Alabama. In addition to their visible influence, Tolar and his company have made significant contributions to our community to aid in its growth plus provide employment to a dozen employees.

Tolar Construction has built their reputation on, “Absolute Honesty, Undeniable Integrity, Unquestionable Ethics, and Unsurpassed Quality,” and we are thankful for the impact they have made upon our community for the past 25 years. They currently have job openings for a superintendent and carpenters.  To learn more about Tolar Construction and their capabilities, visit

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