The Jackson County Commission is hosting a community meeting at the former Broken Arrow Golf Course at 6 p.m. on Jan. 21 regarding the Holiday Shores subdivision.

The majority of the subdivision is in Marshall County, but there is a small part that is in Jackson County. The estimated 60 acres located in Jackson County may be transferred to Marshall County, but only by a legislative act.

The Jackson County Commission wanted to give the 16 residents of the small portion of Holiday Shores an opportunity to share their opinion before the commission moved forward with having the section moved to Marshall County.

District 2 Commissioner in Marshall County Rick Watson attended the commission’s work session on Monday to discuss the issue. Watson said all services in the Holiday Shores community are provided by Marshall County, and all the children that live in the small section in Jackson County attend Marshall County schools.

The 16 residents, however, pay taxes in Jackson County. Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the total amount the county gets from those 16 residents is $986.

County Attorney John Porter said a legislative act was needed to change the boundary line. If both commissions are agreeable, they can draft the proper documentation for each commission to adopt. Watson said he had spoken with his legislator, and he was okay with making the change.

District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable said he felt like the commission should give the residents an opportunity to speak on the issue. He also assumed that if they were being serviced by Marshall County and if their kids attend Marshall County schools, they would want to vote in Marshall County.

The small section of Holiday Shores has been in Jackson County since 1937. In 1980, the Marshall County Commission agreed to take it in, and Jackson County agreed to the change, but it was never changed.

Guffey thinks the portion of Holiday Shores should be in Marshall County.

“All their services come from Marshall County. It just makes sense for it to be in Marshall County,” said Guffey.

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