Certificates of election were presented to council member-elect Ralph Dawe — who will represent City Council Place 1 — and the City of Scottsboro Mayor-elect Jim McCamy by the city council.

The council then went on to discuss various budget amendments and annual contract awards during the work session.

Main Street was given the authority by the council to act as the agent of the City of Scottsboro in regard to the administration of First Mondays. This change came in response to a request from Main Street Scottsboro.

This change will allow Main Street Scottsboro to better be able to run the even as well as some ability to make adjustments to allow First Monday to better represent the City.

Budget amendments were approved for repairs to a Trackhoe owned by the city that will cost $11,967. As requested in last meeting, $62,500 were allocated to the Scottsboro Solid Waste Department for expenses related to brush chipping. Both of these were paid for out of excess sales tax

Conversion of the LED lights in the City’s Vehicle Maintenance Shop was approved. The project is expected to cost $45,000 but is expected to increase the visibility and safety in the shop.

Public hearings for the liquor licenses of Scooters Sports Grill, and Trotter Liquor Store. Both locations met all requirements for the liquor license — including location, distance from school and various other requirements.

A report by Scottsboro’s city engineer, Josh Little, on a request to amend the zoning ordinance was also discussed. The request is to modify an area on Highway 35 from M1, light manufacturing, to AR, which covers agricultural uses.

The change would allow the property owner to use the location for anything related to agriculture — including farming, horses, cattle and other agricultural activities.

Vacancies were announced for various Council appointed positions.

Bo Butler has resigned from the Downtown Redevelopment Authority. The Term for this appointment will be from October 2020 to October 2025.

Two positions have opened on the Scottsboro Water Sewer and Gas Board, as the terms of Charles Yarborough and Elena Mathews expired in September. These appointments have a six-year term and would begin in October.

Vacancies for Municipal Judge, Assistant Municipal Judge and two Municipal Prosecutor positions. These appointments are for a two-year term.

Those who wish to apply for any of these positions should submit an application in writing to the City Clerk’s Office by 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 25.

City Council Member Greg Mashburn announced that he will be donating the unused funds from his travel stipend provided by the city to various charities.

The Scottsboro City Council will meet again on the Sept. 28 for a work session that will be followed by the City Council Meeting.

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