The Jackson County commission discussed the Sportsman’s Landing Property at its work session Monday afternoon.

The county was approached by the City of Scottsboro in July 2019 and asked if the county would lease the property to the city. A Sportsman’s Club had a lease on the property in the Lakeside Community in Scottsboro for 99 years.

The group used to take care of the property, but they no longer do. At a previous commission meeting, Commission Chairman Tim Guffey said the area was grown up and run down. If it were leased to the city, the city would renovate the dock and maintain the area to make it accessible to the public.

In September 2019, the commission approved a motion and signed a resolution to lease the land of Sportsman’s Landing to the city.

The commission discussed the issue again at Monday’s work session. Guffey stated that TVA said the property has been in long term lease to the county, and the county cannot allow the city to go in and do the grant work they were wanting to do.

Guffey said they county either has to apply for the grants, do the work and use the property or turn it back over to TVA who could turn it over to the city. The county would lose the property of they turned it over to TVA.

District 4 Commissioner Mike Sisk said if the county could get some grant money, it could look at putting in campsites on the property. Sisk said it would be a benefit to the county in the long run.

Guffey said there was no guarantee the county would receive grant money, but they could apply.

District 1 Commissioner Danny Rich mentioned there was a waiting list for campsites at the Jackson County Park, and he agreed with Sisk that more campsites would be beneficial to the county.

District 3 Commissioner Melinda Gilbert agreed with Sisk and Rich and asked if the county could build a bathhouse on location. Guffey said they could not build and permanent structures.  

District 2 Commissioner Jason Venable said he would “hate to turn loose” of that property for the potential of having camping and stuff done there.

“It definitely needs work done on it,” said Venable. “If we’re going to keep the property, we need to do something with it instead of it just sitting there like the rest of TVA property.”

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