Open Wide

Roxie Wright and Wilma Shortt attempt to perform dental surgery on Sam Wright using a household drill during a fun skit at the Scottsboro Senior Citizens Center on Thursday.

Members of the Scottsboro City Senior Center like to have fun.

They also like to make people laugh.

"There's not much down here we won't do to have a good time," said Jean Hastings.

As part of a regular program offered at the center, participants recently took part in skit day, a time to gather together for nothing more than a good laugh.

Hastings works with members, helping them to develop skits and gather materials needed to make the skits slapstick funny.

"Everyone likes to be a star, and that's what I try to do," said Hastings. "Not only is this fun for us, but it gets us out of our comfort zones. Everyone at the center is welcome to participate."

It's through this willingness to participate that member Sam Wright managed to find himself tied to a chair and waiting on the presumed dentist's orders during the "Dentist's Office" skit.

Written by member Bettye Bryant, Wright's character comes into the dentist office with a toothache. What happens as a result is nothing short of comical as Wright's wife, Roxie, playing the dentist, attempted to use every tool she could find (including a drill) to solve the problem.

"For a moment, nothing else matters when we are doing this," said Bryant. "Our goal with programs like this is to make everyone laugh."

Activities offered at the senior center provide members with many opportunities to be involved. Early morning coffee breaks with center games and puzzles provide members with a time to mingle and catch up. Basic exercise classes get members up and moving. During the month, members can take part in special musical acts, Master Games competition, and special discussions by doctors and community members.

On June 22 beginning at 9:30 a.m., a prostate cancer awareness seminar will be held at the center. The program is provided because of a partnership between the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

"We always have something fun and informative going on at the center and would love for more senior adults in the community to come and be part of it with us," said Hastings.

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