The Jackson County Commission approved a resolution at its meeting Monday afternoon to advocate for the Sheriff’s Office to maintain pistol permits.

At the May 18 Jackson County Commission work session, Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen discussed a letter he drafted in support of the county maintaining pistol permits.

Harnen said there has been a wave going through the state the last several years where counties are trying to give pistol permits to the state. Harnen said the counties would not get any of the money from it while still having to do most of the work.

He said they are trying to show each county’s support of the Sheriff’s Office keeping pistol permits rather than it being sent to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

Harnen said that ALEA is not a big fan of doing it because they realize it would be very difficult for them to do it with their manpower. Harnen said each county knows its people better than ALEA does.

“If someone in Jackson County has a problem and doesn’t need a pistol permit, who better than the local sheriff and his employees to know that,” said Harnen.

Harnen said the letter was to show support from each county commission for pistol permits to remain in each county.

Harnen said pistol permit money is used to purchase cars, training or whatever the Sheriff’s Office needs.

Commission Chairman Tim Guffey agrees with Harnen and said pistol permits need to stay in the county.

“I think there are some in the state legislature trying to take the pistol permit money away from Sheriff’s Departments, and the state is taking too much from the counties already,” said Guffey. “We need to stand together. We’re barely scraping by as it is. We can’t allow them to keep taking and taking and taking.”

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