On Friday, June 26, the Scottsboro City School Board convened for a called board meeting, at noon.  This comes in the wake of State Superintendent Eric Mackey’s press conference, earlier that day.  In his adjournment comments, Dr. Reyes had conducted a survey for the school district, with roughly 40% of the Scottsboro community participating. 

This survey included those who may be participating in car rides to and from school, required face masks for students, lunchroom concerns, classroom style, and the school calendar.

According to Dr. Reyes’s results, for car and bus riders, 69% have said they will continue car rides, with those being bus riders 29-30%.  There is a one percent between last year, and this upcoming year between car and bus riders, though this is subject to change.

For mandatory face masks for students, the survey’s results totaled to be 29% of parents in favor of face masks, with 24% having a neutral opinion, and a total of 46% of parents not in favor of mandatory face masks, as of June 26.

The survey also included the preferred method of lunchroom, whether students will continue eating in the lunchroom, or if students will bring lunch from home.  The survey found that for the upcoming year, 40% have said they will continue eating in the lunchroom, with 60% saying they will bring lunch from home. 

This is significantly different percentage compared to last year’s numbers, with 45% saying they do eat in the lunchroom, and 55% bringing their own lunch.

For the preferred classroom style, 89% of participants prefer the traditional in-classroom style of learning, with 11% wanting virtual/distance learning for their child. 

There is a slight deviation from State Superintendent Eric Mackey’s, and State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris’s, own stats, with theirs being 80% wanting a traditional classroom environment, and 20% wanting a virtual environment.

For the school calendar, the state has given freedom for individual school systems the liberty to adjust their own calendar, according to their own needs in their respective system. 

The board has discussed potential calendars for the schools, including a Monday-Thursday, with an E-learning day on Friday, as well as having two separate groups coming in, twice a week. 

One group will come to school for Monday and Wednesday, and the second group coming in Tuesday and Thursday, and an E-learning day on Friday.  According to the survey, 65% prefer the former calendar system, with 35% preferring the latter system.

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