Dec. 1, 2020 was just a normal Tuesday for most residents of Scottsboro.  On that Tuesday, the Valluzzo Companies officially bought the McDonalds in Scottsboro after the Dutton family had owned it for many years. The purchase brought the grand total of restaurants they own to 78, all located in Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana.

The Valluzzo Companies consists of father John and brothers Nick and Michael. They have around 3,500 employees, which includes restaurant employees too. All are originally from Baton Rouge, but Nick moved to Birmingham with his wife and three kids in 2019

The Valluzzo family are fourth generation McDonalds owners, which started with Nick and Michael’s great-grandfather opening the first McDonalds in Baton Rouge in 1960.

“We always say ketchup runs through our veins. My plans weren’t really ever to go into the business with my dad. I wanted to be a baseball player and played for Southern Miss in college,” said Nick.

The first time Nick had been to Scottsboro was on the day of the purchase. “I had never been to Scottsboro and it just happen to snow that day,” said Nick.

It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with the scenery Jackson County has to offer.

The Valluzzo’s don’t plan on making any changes, especially since it is a corporation.

“We have kept the same staff because it is honestly easier than bringing in all new people. The staff that is already in place know how everything is done. The hiring is still done the same and requires the person to be 16 years old to apply,” said Nick.

Nick, along with his father and brother, make sure they take the time to visit all 78 of their locations frequently.

“We enjoy seeing our employees and talking to them. It is important to us to make sure our employees know that we care about them,” he said. “We are also willing to help if we see that we are needed. I have made plenty of Big Macs and even worked the drive-thru.”

Nick says Valluzo Companies really owes a lot to the past owners, the Dutton’s, for doing such a great job managing the Scottsboro location for so long.

“There have been many occasions when we have walked into a newly-acquired restaurant and it was a complete train wreck.  I am so thankful we did not encounter that in Scottsboro, says Nick.”

The Valluzzo family is looking forward to working with the community as much as they can.

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