During their Monday night meeting, the Scottsboro City Council considered and approved measures to purchase garbage trucks and approve a uniform service for the Maintenance Department.

Council members also thanked election officials and volunteers that assisted in administering the Nov. 3 General Election.

The council approved the purchasing of two garbage trucks on a three year buy-back program. The vehicles will cost $85,000 per year, and the city will have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the buy-back for the financed amount or to sell back to the manufacturer.

The three-year lease term was selected as the department has previously begun to have issues after that amount of time in service. It is also when the warranty on the vehicles will run out.

The current garbage trucks that are being replaced — one commercial side loading truck and one residential front loader — will continue to be used by the solid waste department as substitute vehicles and to run shorter, non-regular routes.

The request to replace the vehicles was brought to the council during the Solid Waste Department's budget meeting held in October. The department sees the purchase of two new vehicles as a cost saving measure as close to $360,000 has been spent on parts alone for the two trucks in question to keep them in operation.

The street department also brought to the council's attention a need for capital investment.

The city council approved the purchase from ALDOT two vehicles for Scottsboro's Street Department — one single axle flatbed truck and a 1-ton truck. The council authorized $85,000 to purchase both vehicles.

The department plans to purchase the vehicles used through an ALDOT auction.

The council approved an additional $3,000 dollars for the Vehicle Maintenance Department's uniform budget. This adds onto $1,500 originally allocated and will allow the department to subscribe to a uniform service.

The service will cover cleaning and maintenance of the department’s uniforms, allowing them to present a unified appearance.

Previously the uniform allowance was provided to employees in the department to cover boots or jeans when needed.

The council approved a measure to match funds with a TVA Invest Prep grant. The city's portion of the funding was $14,285. This is in partnership with the Economic Development Authority and the Jackson County Commission who have agreed to split a portion of the total funds.

The grant was utilized to pay for improvements to the Jackson County Industrial Park.

CFD Research, an aerospace and defense engineering company, has already started construction on a new 13,000 square foot facility in the area improved by the grant funds. Construction began on Aug. 25 and is expected to be completed by January 2021.

The City Council approved a change order to the Heritage Center project that added $2,885 to the project cost.

The change was required to alter the placement of a window. As part of the change order, a wainscoting material change was also added to better fit with the historic materials already in place.

The council announced a vacancy on the Downtown Redevelopment Authority.

The position previously held by Nita Tolliver is now vacant due to her election to the City Council Place 2 in October.

The term for the position on the Downtown RDA will extend until October 2024.

In a statement from the Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy, read by City Council President Richard Bailey, McCamy thanked those who were involved in administering the General Election at the Scottsboro Rec Com.

Councilmember Mike Ashburn, who volunteered as a poll worker during the election, and assisted in the counting of absentee ballots well into Wednesday night mentioned that in total, 5,299 people voted at the Rec Com — roughly 442 votes cast per hour on Nov. 3.

The Scottsboro City Council will hold its next meeting on Nov. 16.

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