A true crime documentary about snake-handling preacher Glenn Summerford is being filmed in and around Scottsboro. Film crews from an independent production company called Sidestilt will be in the area for about six and a half weeks shooting the film.

Producer Bryan Storkel said they are trying to cover as much detail as they can about the story. He said they are even covering the childhood of some of the characters involved in the crime. He said the movie is like a hybrid of a normal documentary and reenactments of events. He described the movie as more of a real, entertaining movie.

Storkel said they are shooting this movie all over Scottsboro. He said they have been downtown and the outskirts of the city. He said they have also been to unique locations like caves, woods, on the water, and on the mountains in the area.

In 1991, Rev. Glenn Summerford, pastor of the Church of Jesus With Signs Following, was convicted of attempted murder. He tried to kill his wife by forcing her hand into a cage of rattlesnakes.

Summerford’s wife, Darlene, was bitten twice by the poisonous snakes but recovered at a hospital. She testified that her husband tried to kill her after accusing her of dating another preacher. Summerford is currently serving a 99-year prison sentence.

Storkel said they have interviewed as many people involved with the case as they could. He said they have spoken with people at the courthouse, investigators, people at the police departments and family members. He said they are covering the story as extensively as possible.

The movie will be shot on some Scottsboro streets in July. Scottsboro Police Chief Ralph Dawe said they will begin shooting on the streets in July. He said they would be shooting several streets, and the streets would be closed during shooting.

SIDESTILT is made up of husband and wife team, Bryan Storkel & Amy Bandlien Storkel who live in Burbank, California. They both wear many hats in the movie making business and they both got our start as editors and then moved into the roles of producing and directing.

Over the past couple years, they have worked on several films that involve collaborating and partnering with many other talented filmmakers and film companies. This has allowed them to broaden their horizons and work on a variety of projects simultaneously.

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