Property owners in Jackson County that have yet to pay their taxes will have until Jan. 3 to pay their taxes without penalty according to Jackson County Revenue Commissioner Jeff Arnold.

“Property taxes are due Oct 1, but are not past due until after Dec. 31,” Arnold said. 

“Since our offices will reopen Jan. 3 after being closed for the holidays, taxpayers will not have to pay any late fees if they pay their taxes on Jan. 3.”

“For every delinquent parcel there is a $2 a day penalty per parcel. So, if you have five parcels, on that first day you’re going to owe $10 and a $5 state fee per parcel plus interest,” he said.

In addition, anyone mailing payments must have them postmarked by Jan. 3 to avoid penalty. Payments may be mailed to Revenue Commissioner, P.O. Box 307, Scottsboro, AL 35768.

Payments may also be made at and online users have until midnight of Jan. 3 to pay before facing a penalty.

If payments are not received by the end of February, an additional $5.00 mail fee will be added and a late reminder will be mailed out. In March delinquent property will be advertised and then on March 26th an additional $45.00 fee will be added in preparation for the auction on April 26th 2022.

Anyone interested in applying for a Homestead Exemption —a tax break a property owner may be entitled to if he or she owns a single-family residents and occupies it as their primary residents on the first day of the tax year for which they are applying — must do so by the Jan. 4 deadline for 2021.

Homestead exemptions are not automatic and must be requested.

The following are the four types of Homestead Exemptions:

1. Regular Homestead is available to all citizens of Alabama who own and occupy a single-family residence; including manufactured homes, as their primary residence and use this property for no other purposes. The amount of the exemption is $4,000 in assessed value for state taxes and $2,000 in assessed value for county taxes.

2. Homestead Exemption 2 is for persons over age 65 whose adjusted gross income is less than $12,000 on their last State Tax Return. This exemption is for all State taxes and County taxes up to $5,000 in assessed value. Those who are permanently blind are entitled to this exemption also.

3. Homestead 3 is an exemption from all property taxes for person over age 65, who have a net taxable income of $12,000 or less on their last Federal Income Tax Return. Also, persons who are permanently and totally disabled, regardless of income, are entitled to this exemption. To prove disability, you must furnish a statement from two different sources. (Physicians’ letters, Veterans Administration and Social Security are all acceptable.)

4. Homestead Exemption 4 is for persons over 65, regardless of income. This exemption is for the total assessed value of state tax and up to $2,000 of assessed value of county tax.

Exemptions should be applied for before Dec. 31 of each year based upon status (owner occupied, age 65 or totally and permanently disabled) of property and claimant before October 1. By Oct. 1, a reclaim form is mailed to the property owner who has qualified before, allowing for the claim to be renewed by mail. 

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