During Scottsboro Mayor Jim McCamy’s annual State of the City address Tuesday morning, McCamy pointed out what he believed to be a problem growing in Jackson County: the lack of available housing.

McCamy reported that at the time of his statement, there were only 51 homes listed for sale in Jackson County, with only 17 of them being in Scottsboro.

“There are expected 25,000 plus jobs coming to the Huntsville area in the next three years. These will be direct jobs, they don’t include the potential space command and some other recent considerations,” said McCamy. “All of those new residents aren’t going to want to live in Huntsville, they want to be in a place with the natural beauty and space we have here to enjoy their families and the outdoors. We intend to make a case for as many of those new residents to consider Scottsboro as we possibly can.”

McCamy stated that to solve this issue, new housing, lots and retail growth will be necessary to aid in this goal. Part of this will be solved with the White Development deal, which McCamy expects to begin construction within the next three to four months and will open over 100 new jobs in Scottsboro.

On top of the White Development project, McCamy also talked about the new Singing River Trail (SRT). SRT will be a long-distance trail located in north Alabama designed to connect communities along the river, give residents an “active living opportunity” as well as further economic development for the region.

McCamy called this a “quality of life” issue that’s important not only to current residents, but the aforementioned prospective residents within the next three to five years.

“If we hope our children will want to return here, to keep our younger residents here and to attract many of the new residents to north Alabama, this is an effort we must participate and invest in,” said McCamy. “To support this point, another reality of [COVID-19] has been the increased pursuit of enjoyment of outdoor activities. Being geographically positioned in between Huntsville and Chattanooga, we will reap enormous economic benefit from this opportunity if we are willing to establish Scottsboro as a true recreation destination. This is truly a ‘built it and they will come’ opportunity.”

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Great that a long distance trail will be created; hopefully it will be allow both bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Current trails at the City Park and Jackson County Park are so short and boring, plus none of the trails allows bicycles. Jackson County Park bicycle path along the side of the highway is probably less than a mile long (LOL).

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