Brenda Ivey of the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center attended the Scottsboro City Council work session on Monday to give an update on the Heritage Center expansion.

She was hopeful that the council would approve the contract at its next meeting on June 10. She anticipates that the project would go out to bid this fall.

Ivey said they are looking into a 3,000-foot addition to the Heritage Center. She said the expansion would make the building more accessible for events, meetings, and other exhibits at the Heritage Center. At the council’s May 20 work session, the project was discussed, and Mayor Robin Shelton said that the projected cost of the project was $895,000.

The city council approved a bond issue earlier this year that had $500,000 for the Heritage Center’s expansion. There was some discussion of diverting the funds for the project to road paving.

Shelton said on Monday that the project cost was inaccurate, and that some mistakes were made in calculating the cost of the project. Ivey asked that the mayor and council not discuss the funds for the Heritage Center.

She said that it would not take years to raise the money for the rest of the project. Ivey said that they already have pledges, and they are already looking at grants and fundraisers.

Councilman Greg Mashburn said that he felt much better about the project after hearing Ivey’s update. He said that the council certainly wants to work closely with the Heritage Center, and he acknowledged the hard work they do.

Council President Patrick Stewart said that he is looking forward to the expansion at the Heritage Center. He thinks it is something that the city of Scottsboro needs because it will be a great venue to hold events. He said they do a great deal for the community like focusing on the genealogy and historical parts of the county.

The expansion would bring events to the Heritage Center and people could learn about Jackson County.

Stewart said that the pictures with Santa Claus event they have during the Christmas season is one of the biggest events in the city, and the expansion would be able to house the people that come to the event.

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