Nursing Excellence

Pictured from Crestwood Medical Center: Kris Goodwin, RN, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer; John Hawes, RN, 2020 Nursing Excellence Award Winner; Susan Bryce, RN, Chief Nursing Officer and Pam Hudson, MD, Chief Executive Officer.

Crestwood Medical Center, in Huntsville, has selected John Hawes, RN, to receive its Nursing Excellence Award.

This peer-nominated award, created in honor of 2020 being the “Year of the Nurse,” and in recognition of the critical role nurses have played in treating patients throughout the COVID pandemic, was open to qualifying RNs and LPNs working in a direct patient care position who consistently demonstrate characteristics synonymous with nursing excellence.

Hawes, a Jackson County resident, was chosen from many nominations across the organization for his outstanding care of patients especially those diagnosed with COVID-19. Working tirelessly in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), he has demonstrated leadership in combination with his natural ability to create healing relationships with patients and their families by deliberately connecting with them in such a manner as to provide compassionate care for both.

Hawes seeks opportunities to mentor novice nurses, is an active role model for his peers and assists with ongoing education of new and changing processes associated with the evolution of COVID-19.

“Crestwood is fortunate to have many outstanding nurses like John Hawes among its ranks,” said Dr. Pam Hudson, chief executive officer of Crestwood Medical Center. “Nurses who deliver exemplary care, compassion and service, who understand the importance of teamwork and mentoring others, who can lead in times of crises, and who are true champions of promoting healthcare in our community. With so much focus this year on the selfless efforts of front line heroes like John, we are pleased to acknowledge the important contributions our nursing professionals provide to our community.”

In addition to receiving the Nursing Excellence Award, Hawes received a cash prize and quintessential book on nursing, written by Florence Nightingale in 1859, that remains relevant to today’s modern nursing attitudes and skills.

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